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Wednesday, March 08, 2006

pastries, sandwiches and drinks

here's all the yummy food and pastries i've been writing about.

chajá. it always comes in a paper wrapper with the logo chajá de paysandu, even when you order it in a restaurant, so you know it's the authentic chajá.

dulce the leche

pasta frola. a german desert that you can also buy in any Confitería but this one was homemade.


un cortado. a stronger version of a macchiato. the 2 best places for a cortado are at oro del rhin and cafe facal on 18 de julio. they always bring you a glass of mineral water with your coffee and in buenos aires they serve you either cookies, chocolates, orange juice or mineral water with your coffee. and starbucks hasn't made it to either uruguay or argentina yet.

pastries and sandwiches from Confitería carrera. the oldest and best Confitería in montevideo.

confiteria carrera

tortas fritas (fried cakes)

pomelo (grapefruit). paso de los toros (the steps of the bulls). the best brand of pomelo! unfortunately most restaurants only have the quatro brand which is owned by coca cola and isn't as good.

parilla. parilla is a way you cook the meat. with the grill on a diagonal angle. some restaurants have it but not all of them. in canada, most brazilian restaurants would have that. i don't think i've seen an argentinian or uruguayan restaurant here yet.

un sandwiche olympico y una coca from la pasiva.


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Yea! Pictures! Finally!

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