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Monday, March 06, 2006

it`s more fun to arrive than to leave

i just tried to show my aunt how to use a computer and send an email but she got really frustrated and left. last night more aunts, uncles and cousins showed up. lots of people that were suposed to be there on saturday night but they couldn´t leave the house because the rest of their families were there and people are too afraid of robberies to leave their houses unattended. someone always has to be home or you get robbed. my cousin said that they call and ring the doorbell to find out if you´re home.

i went to the sunday market again and spent a few hours there and i still saw a very small part of it. you can spend all day there and not see everything. it´s very specialized. they have a table for nails, bicycle wheels, underwear, old magazines, etc... i wasn`t going to buy another record, but i saw appetite for destruction and had to get it.

something that`s weird here is that houses or apts don´t necessarily have a kitchen with hot water unless the previous owners installed a faucet and hot water tank (which is installed below the sink. and the kitchen and bathrooms have different tanks). you have to boil water everytime you wash the dishes. and the bathroom has a different tank which is in the shower. even if you live in an apartment they each have their own hot water tanks. i just realised that after using the shower in piriapolis. that apartment didn´t have a bath. only a shower and my aunt doesn´t have a bath either so i think apartments and houses with baths are rare. when we went to my dad`s friends` places none of them have baths!

since my last visit, this city´s become more violent and dangerous and it´s mostly because of drugs. there´s a drug here called pasta base and it`s really cheap to get and you get high very quickly. you smoke it and it`s made with the same ingrediants used to make cocaine bu without the last ingrediant. after a few months, you get permanent brain damage.

i`m going to miss it here. especially the people. the way they like to touch and kiss you all the time. the history, the way people carry their mate or sit down in front of their houses, on the sidewalk with neighbours sharing their mate, the art deco, colonial and 50´s modernist architecture, the waiters in white uniforms and black bow ties, the sandwicherias, confiterias and used book stores, the smell of eucalyptus, the palm trees, the wrought iron fences, dulce de leche, the food even though i´m sick of it... and other things that i can´t think of right now.

it always takes a trip to montevideo to make me appreciate canada and some of the things people take for granted. like feeling safe and not having to be a prisoner in your own home. being able to walk out at night on my own and not feel paranoid that someone is going to rob me. hot water and good water pressure are important too.

i´m really anxious to show my pictures and see my friends. it´s going to happen very soon.


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