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Friday, March 03, 2006

my cousin, housing and cheesy celebrities

i finally met with my cousin juan-antonio. el fanático de los rollings. he said he got together with people from a stones site in buenos aires (he went to both shows). he met a millionaire from norway with a stones site who travels all over the world to see them. we`re having a huge family reunion on saturday then juan-antonio and i are going to la ciudad vieja to experience some of the nightlife. the first time i came back here in 1985 i brought a lot of my music and i made juan-antonio listen to the cure and he`s been into them ever since. this time i gave him a list of bands to check out and he told me about a band from here that i´ve heard of called no te va gustar (it means: you`re not going to like it) and i`ve seen this band`s name written on lots of buildings. he thinks i´m really going to like them. when i see him on saturday he`s going to bring some cdr`s of some good montevideo bands. he said that right now there´s more people listening to uruguayan and argentinian music than ever. more than european or american bands.

for the first time, i don´t really feel like i have that much to say. so i´m open to questions about uruguay or about anything that wasn´t clear in my blogs. this would be a good time to ask since i´m only here a few more days. if i don`t know the answer i can ask someone who does.

here´s a woman i´ve been seeing a lot of on magazine covers and on argentinian tv. her name is susana giménez and i have no idea what she`s famous for. they show her dancing half naked at the carnival. and recently her dog died and that made it on argentinian news. they really love these pamela anderson types in argentina.

the phone system is very strange here. when you have a land line you pay a flat fee to have a phone, but that doesn`t include the calls. you have 50 free calls per month then you pay for every call. between 9pm-9am it`s cheaper. and it`s expensive in comparison to what people make here.

people live in very close proximity to each other. there´s no suburb unless you count carrasco which is where the airport is. it`s the only neighbourhood that i´ve seen that has detached houses and a back yard. but still the distance between the houses are small. you´re still in montevideo if you live there. everywhere else is very condensed. like some parts of nyc, all the buildings are attached to each other. even if you`re in a house, it`s attached to another house.

my dad went to an architecture school reunion yesterday and he wanted my camera to take pictures. i had to show him how the camera works. he´s really not a high tech person. he doesn´t even know how to use the dvd player they bought a few years ago. my mom has to put the dvd in and press play. i had to repeat at least 10 times how to press the button the turn the camera on! speaking of not being high tech, my aunt`s never used a computer before and before i go and i`m going to show her how to get an email address and send an email!

on monday it`s daylight savings time. one more hour of sleep!


Anonymous john said...

i have a question... do they think it's strange that we call them 'the stones' rather than 'the rollings'

9:09 PM  
Blogger a.k said...

no they don`t think it´s weird. some people say los stones but los rollings is more people. more people think having a plate of cheese and grapes is weird. they don´t put cheese and grapes together but they liked it last night and maybe after this people will start doing it.

5:32 AM  

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