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Monday, February 27, 2006

goodbye piriapolis

today was my 2nd to last day at the beach. we`re leaving tomorrow at 6pm for montevideo. it`s a completely different world there even though it`s only an hour away. you have to always be aware of where you`re going and what you`re bringing with you. it`s nice to see people not having to lock their bikes here.

montevideo has lots of nice beaches and you see people swimming but i wouldn´t go in the water. i heard it`s polluted.

the weather`s been very strange lately. in the morning it was beautiful, then all of a sudden it gets cloudy and there`s a strong wind that starts blowing the plastic chairs away from the balcony. some of the people that i saw in the water ran out and i thought it was going to rain. an hour later the sun comes out but it still stays cool at 19 degrees. that didn´t last too long because after that it was nice enough to be at the beach for a few hours. in 2 weeks there`s only been 2 days of rain where i couldn`t go to the beach. when i came here i was afraid 2 weeks would be too long because last time i was here it rained most of the time and i don`t think i left with a very good impression of this city. but i like it a lot now and i don`t really want to go back to montevideo right away. i could stay here for a few more days. everyone knows each other here and if they don´t know you they act like they do. people are so friendly here. they say buenos dias to you on the street and buenos tardes.

i think there´s a few things canada could learn from uruguay when it comes to the environment. styrofoam. you won`t find it anywhere here. if you`re ordering food for take out, they wrap it up in paper. they don`t give you plastic bags either unless you`re at a grocery store. also, the lighting in the hallways of apartment buildings turn of after 10 seconds. appliances don`t break down. you don`t have to throw them out and get a new one. my aunt is using the fridge that my parents had in the late 60´s.

last night i saw a murga band called la esperanza. they were playing outside and i took a few picture so you can see what a murga band looks like. it`s very funny. i dind`t stay very long. i`m not really into the music.

i saw a sign today on a sandwich board that said metro de pizza $85 pesos. it means "a metre of pizza $3.75"! people really love to eat here. i`m going to go back to vancouver and think everything is expensive. and i`m also going to need to do some sit ups.

no matter how hot it is outside, you never feel the heat inside even though apartments and houses here don`t have air conditioning. they have outdoor blinds and shutters! you pull up the blinds from the inside. they`re very heavy and it keeps the heat out. i don´t know why vancouver doesn´t have that. it makes more sense.

i was thinking yesterday about canadian culture and how uninteresting it is compared to anything i`ve experience here. at least this country has an identity that they want to keep even though it also has many problems that canada doesn´t have. there seems to be more tradition in french canadian culture and in the maritimes as well but the west coast, if you don`t count native culture, is about other people`s cultures.

i´m going to try and make chajà when i come back. i had a variation of it last night with peaches inside. uruguay has the most delicious deserts you`ll ever taste.

yesterday i said that only uruguay and brazil have the carnival. but i found out today that argentina has it as well.


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