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Saturday, March 04, 2006

today`s forecast:overcast with intermittent rain and sunshine

2 posts in one day! i`m the oldest person here. i don`t think there´s a boy on the computers here over 10! and all the computers are taken! they used to interract with each other back in the old days!

i´ve taken almost 500 pictures so far and i´m sure i´ll be taking another 50 tonight. you won´t be seeing photos right away. i´ll need to rest before undergoing the tedious task of uploading the photos. and i´ll have to be a good editor and show the best.

the dining room is the place where people gather to talk here. people don´t really have living rooms or they´re very small and part of the dining room. it´s a good thing my aunt has a very large table because i have a feeling there´s going to be a lot people coming over. i can´t wait to taste the sandwiches. i´ll be taking pictures of them! i don´t think the bread that the sandwiches are made with exist in canada. it´s made with white bread but the bread has to be very thin. they`re special bread for sandwiches.

in a room full of uruguayans, i can usually tell the one who isn´t. in piriapolis, we were in a restaurant and i saw this man with a beard who looked bavarian. i walked by his table and heard him speaking spanish to the waiter with an accent. uruguayans have more italian and spanish features. i´m considered an uruguaya here even though i spent most of my time in canada. i could stay as long as i want. but my mom can stay up to 6 months since she was born in egypt.

i found a good radio station. 92.5 fm. i´ve been hearing this cover version of the stones` miss you in a soft, girly voice and sung very slowly. i don´t know if they play it in canada but it isn´t bad. i don´t know who sings it. i´ve heard it quite often. i think it´s been very trendy lately to have a woman do a cover of a song sung by a man.

i went for a walk on avenida tristan narvaja today. it`s the street where all the bookstores and antique stores are behind my aunt`s place. tourists used to go to those antiques stores in the past and buy antiques for very cheap. then the antique stores owners realized that they could get a lot more money and started increasing the prices. now all the prices are in american dollars and everything`s expensive. all the stores on that street are closed today because tomorrow there´s going to be a flea market on that avenue from where tristan narvaja starts until 18 de julio, the main street downtown. it´s going to be my 2nd time at the market. they call it la feria. but i have no more space in my suitcase even though i still have 300 pesos left and i can`t carry any more records.

i went to a tabládo a few days ago. they have them every night during the carnival in different neighbourhoods. a tabládo is a murga concert but no one calls it a concert. the word tabládo comes from the time that they placed tablas which are big pieces of wood on the sidewalks with cans of oil underneath to hold them up and make a stage. they played murga so they could have an audience and the word stayed. but now it´s more organized and corporate. it´s free to see one if you don´t want a seat at the front. if you want to stand or bring your own seat, it`s free but you´re going to be in the back rows. tabládo`s take place in plazas and what i love about montevideo are all the plazas.

i just decided that i`m not eating pizza for the next 2 months.


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