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Tuesday, February 21, 2006

punta del este

i left this morning to go to la punta (that´s how they say it here) and arrived at 6pm. it´s a 45 minute bus ride from here. what´s so great about punta del este is that it´s on a peninsula so you get to see the ocean on either side of the street. one side is playa brava (big waves) and the other side is playa mansa (small waves). the water is much colder than in piriapolis, the sand is hotter, the restaurants are double the price than anywhere else in uruguay and you´ll see a lot of signs in front of stores and restaurants are in english and a lot of the prices in the stores are in american dollars. so many americans, brazilians and argentinian tourists today. i noticed a lot of new modern high rises by the beach. it´s grown a lot since i last came 7 years ago. it looks like a newer city. you won´t see that many older buildings. if you like shopping at boutiques like fendi, valentino and louis vuitton then dancing to house music and hearing d.j´s from the u.k then i guess that would be the place to go but what they show in magazines and on t.v about it is different when you go. they always show gorgeous women in thong bikinis at the beach but it´s mainly families and old people. the beach is so beautiful. there´s more sand than there is here. the hotels are really expensive though. we stayed there for 3 nights 7 years ago and it was $300 usd per night. i didn´t go swimming today because i didn´t have a place to change and by the time i got back i felt nauseous and had a fever. i think it´s from the sun.
my aunt taught me how to make empanadas a few days ago. it´s really easy but i don´t think you can find empanada dough in vancouver. i haven´t seen it anywher. the dough is small and round and you just stuff cheese and other stuff in it,  wrap it up and put it in the oven. it´s delicious and fast to make.
i just realized i haven´t worn socks since february 3rd.


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