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Saturday, February 25, 2006

los fanáticos

i didn´t leave the apartment until 9pm yesterday. it was cold, windy, and raining all day until 9pm. i didn´t have shoes or a long sleeved shirt. it rained more than i´ve ever seen it rain in vancouver and there was no place close by to buy an umbrella. luckily we had plans for dinner with my dad´s friend who picked us up and drove us to his restaurant. he owns a restaurant on top of the hill by the ocean. i don´t know if he still owns it because he said he´s retired. his son and daughter now run the place and the food was delicious. he´s going to pick us up again and drive us to an animal reserve tonight after i mentioned that i wanted to see it and you can´t get there without a car. i was hoping today wouldn´t be a repeat of yesterday and it´s not. it´s gorgeous and i´m wearing my sunscreen.

there was another riot on thursday night in buenos aires 2 hours before the last sold out stones show. hundreds of kids without tickets did anything they could to get in. they threw glass bottles and stones at the police. lots of arrests and injuries. there´s a 24 hour news channel from argentina and that´s all they showed. they had to get 500 police officers to block the streets and entrances to the stadium. some of kids stole tickets from people who already had them and wouldn´t let the ones who had them get in. it got really bloody and violent. i can´t believe the amount of violence they show on the news here. they showed this man kicking another man lying on the ground in the head until he couldn´t stand up anymore. then taking his head and banging it against a car.

here´s an article about the riot from the Bs As herald:

Rowdy and ticketless fans, trying to enter a Rolling Stones concert, yesterday fought running battles with police, and authorities said that at least 22 people — among them four police officers — were injured and nearly 90 arrested. The clashes broke out when scores of fans were stopped by police at the entrances to River Plate soccer stadium El Monumental where Mick Jagger and his band were due to perform. Police fired rubber bullets and used water cannon and batons. The fans replied by throwing stones and bottles at police. The head of the SAME medical emergency agency said that nobody had been wounded by weapons.

Local television showed fans being chased by police in the streets near the stadium where the final of the 1978 World Cup, won by Argentina, was played.
The Emergency Medical Service reported that at least 22 people were injured, including a television cameraman with a bleeding head.
Police had reinforced security at the stadium after minor incidents had already occurred at the Stones’ first concert there on Tuesday.
More than 50,000 people wearing Stones T-shirts and lips-and-tongue tattoos attended that concert. A similar-sized crowd turned up last night.


they showed that concert live on tv that night. i stayed up to watch it. i haven´t heard anything from my cousin if he´s ok or not. 65 000 were in this huge outdoor stadium and it was really amazing to see the amount of people there. they said on tv that of all the countries in the world, the stones are the most popular in argentina. this past week, all they showed on tv were stones videos and interviews with argentinian musicians and fans about how the stones´ inspired them. it´s interesting to see people in different countries reacting differently to music than someone in canada would. canadians are so cynical about bands who´ve been around for a long time and are no longer making the same great music that they used to. and it´s uncool to say that you´re still into the stones and you want to see them. it´s totally not like that here. teenagers and people in their 20´s are still obsessed with them. they call those people fanáticos. it means you´re a crazy obsessed fan.

the show wasn´t bad. it´s hard to tell from watching it on tv. mick didn´t sound as good as the rest of the band. his singing wasn´t loud enough. maybe it was the way they transmitted the show. it got really good towards the 2nd half. when they started playing miss you the stage moved to the middle of the stadium and people around them started throwing t-shirts and underwear at them until the stage was covered with them and they had to have someone get rid of them. mick went through 4 wardrobe changes which involved a couple of tight glittery t-shirts and a couple of blazers and the last t-shirt was the argentinian footbal team. i want mick jagger´s energy when i´m 60! he´s got the body of a ballet dancer. i think he´s the only person i´ve ever seen in my life who´s body never changed from the way he looked in his 20´s. keith sang 2 songs. happy and this place is empty. happy was one of the better parts of the show. i love hearing keith sing! brown sugar and paint it black were good live songs too. they played most of the old hits and a few horrible new songs.

i had something called figazza a few days ago. i´ve never had it before. it´s pizza dough with onions on top with some green olives and mushrooms. no tomato sauce or cheese. it would have been really good if it wasn´t so salty. there´s this restaurant chain in uruguay called la pasiva. i just heard from a waiter there that they´ve opened one in brazil and spain. i went last thurday and the place was filled with football fans watching the game. they had this gian tv screen there with the team nacional and a brazilian team. i should open a pasiva in vancouver. anyone can open one. it´s a franchise. i don´t think health obesessed vancouver would like panchos and chivitos very much. maybe quebec would.


Blogger canadamericano said...

that is great about the south american fans obsession toward the stones {minus the riots, ofcourse}. it's true that this is an almost dead concept in north america - we are so obsessed with the 'beyonce's' and 'j-lo's' of the entertainment industry. its truly sad... last night i watched an old Judy Garland Show on DVD and her guests were Sinatra and Dean Martin. There was a purity and charm to how they performed musically back was really about the music. nowadays it seems like its sequins over substance.... anyways! come back soon to canada, ani :)

6:40 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

"canadians are so cynical about bands who´ve been around for a long time and are no longer making the same great music that they used to. and it´s uncool to say that you´re still into the stones and you want to see them. it´s totally not like that here."

Could the same be said about Rush?

Anyway, the Stones are no strangers to riots. I believe there was a Stones concert riot in Vancouver in the early 70's and the brothers who made Grey Gardens made that documentary 'Gimme Shelter' about the 1969 Altamont concert that went to shit when the 'security' went overboard.

- Ryan @ work

10:13 AM  

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