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Sunday, February 19, 2006

hace calor

after 3 weeks of only speaking spanish, i think i´m starting to forget my english! i was thinking about what i wrote yesterday about the assado and i meant to say that the assado was in an outdoor fireplace not a chimney! spanish is a much more poetic language anyway. words in spanish sound and look better. like confiteria and sandwicheria. there´s no word for that in english. the water yesterday was the warmest ever. i think it´s the warmest water i´ve ever swam in. i´ve seen some people in the water even at 9pm!
i might not see a couple of cousins on this trip. one of them is in a psychiatric hospital and might not come out while i´m here and the other one is at the stones concert in rio de janeiro then he´s going to see them again in buenos aires. i made a short list yesterday of words in english that people say in spanish:
the rolling stones: los rolling
football (soccer): fútbol but most people say fút
hot dog: poncho. my mom had it a few days ago in a restaurant. they came 2 together with ham over it and lots of melted cheese on top. and the poncho´s are over a layer of fries.
pop corn: pop. you always see a man carrying bags of pop at the beach trying to sell them. they also sell them at the beach. they´re sweet not salty.
there´s a couple of rock bands from montevideo that are really popular. la trampa and buitres. i keep seeing people wearing their t-shirts here, in montevideo and in buenos aires. i have no idea what they sound like, but i´m curious. i probably won´t like them. so far, i haven´t heard any new music that i´ve liked in spanish. there´s a much music from argentina that i´ve been watching and they play lots of spanish language music videos and it´s the same as bad english music except it´s in spanish. they also play english videos with spanish subtitles.
my cousin and her husband, my aunt and uncle came over last night from atlantida for my dad´s birthday. atlantida is another small town a 30 minute drive from here. my aunt and uncle have a place there close to the beach. i was there 7 years ago and it´s really nice too. the beach is not as nice as it is here and there´s fewer people. it´s in a different departamento. uruguay is divided into departamentos (departments). they´re like provinces or states. right now i´m in the departamento of maldonado. punta del este is also in that department. montevideo in the department of montevideo. atlantida is in the department of canelonis. i´d like to drive through the interior someday. i heard it´s really nice. no beach though. last night we had really good cake and cookies. those italian cookies witih lots of colour and chocolat icing in between. like sandwiches. i don´t know what they´re called. you can get them at any confiterias. we have lots leftover so i´ll probably eat some more at the beach.


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