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Monday, February 20, 2006

agua viva (jelly fish)

this morning at the beach i heard a woman yelling "agua viva!" and she ran out of the water and got her husband to remove the jelly fish. she was bitten. is bite the right word?  she said that if you put wet sand on it, it gets better. i don´t like to get into the water in the morning because the water is usually cold. but now i´m paranoid because the water isn´t as clear as it was when i first came here and you can´t see what´s underneath. yesterday i swam for an hour. i need the exercise. and i also don´t want my feet to touch the sand in case there´s jelly fish. do they swim or just stay on the sand? the beach was so busy this past weekend and now it´s quiet. most people went back home. more room for me in the water but fewer people to pick the jelly fish out of the water. lots of kids to that here. i´m not touching them.
we had dinner in this restaurant called picasso that´s 8 blocks away from the sea wall in the middle of a residential street. the restaurant is part of someone´s house and the only way you would know it´s there is if you lived in the neighborhood or through word of mouth. my dad´s mushroom growing friends told us about it. they sell mushrooms to them and they said it was delicious. it´s a pretty cool place. the kitchen was outside but the ceiling was covered and the owner was the only cook. we sat outside and we got there at 8:30pm and we were the only ones there. people don´t start having dinner here until 9pm! and no one showed up last night until 9:30. by 10 the place was almost filled. we had this fish called corvina. i don´t know if they have that in canada or maybe it´s called something else. it´s really fresh. the owner is on the phone with the fishermen while they´re fishing and when there´s fish he goes and picks it up himself on his motorcyle. nothing´s frozen and the fish we had that night was caught a few hours earlier. the portions are huge as usual. my dad kept complaining that we should have had one plate to share between 2 people but my mom thinks that´s too vulgar.
tomorrow i´m going to punta del esta. i can´t wait. the beach is great but after a while i get bored. even with fashion tv on 24 hours a day.


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