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Monday, March 13, 2006

la boca in vogue magazine, recipes from uruguay

looks like the tango look is in fashion these days. i was looking through the march issue of american vogue and from pages 484-500, there's a whole tango themed fashion spread shot in la boca, in buenos aires. that tango sign in the picture below is featured too! it's not too hard to take a great picture there with all the colourful buildings. tango is such a sexy, passionate dance.

i've been wanting to post links to uruguayan recipes but they're hard to find in english. my mom sent me a link to a site that has the recipe for faina that i've been wanting. faina is as popular as pizza in uruguay. and if you scroll to the bottom, that german pastry, pasta frola is there too. i should attempt to make some of this and have a uruguayan party. who wants to come?

wow, i just found out that faina is a typical dish from genova! and i need chick pea flour to make it. where do i find chick pea flour in vancouver?


Anonymous Ryan said...

I think you can score chick pea flour at the Superstore in their Indian specialities section or @ Indian stores on Main or Fraser

7:47 AM  

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