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Wednesday, March 15, 2006

employment in uruguay

i was looking through one of montevideo's daily newspapers, el pais, in the jobs wanted section today and i was shocked to discover that the jobs were divided between male and female jobs! and not only that, but once you get into the female jobs, they specify their preferred age group and ask for photos with their resume. of course, most of the female jobs are sales and administration related (i.e: secretary and preferably young and pretty ones) and the male jobs are more computer related. that made me so angry! i can't believe nothing is done about that. i told this to a co-worker from mexico and he said that it's like that in mexico as well.

so i was curious to find out if the person who uploaded all those uruguayan videos on youtube was from uruguay and he is. his name is denis and he's from canelones which is right above montevideo. and i included a map of all the departamentos. if you look east of montevideo, you'll see maldonado and that's where i spent most of my time last month.

denis lives in new jersey now. he moved there 3 years ago after he got in touch with an american guy through one of his websites who helped him get a job fixing computers. he has a couple of music sites:

70's uruguayan rock

Classic Rock, Acid Rock, Psychedelic, Blues & Progressive Rock


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