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Tuesday, February 14, 2006

back in montevideo for a day

yesterday in buenos aires it was 34 degrees! and today it feels as hot as yesterday. i miss not having air conditioning in my room and 80 channels on tv. i kept watching fashion tv every night before going to bed. i figured out where the msn chat is on this computer so now you can chat with me! i´m chatting right now with syd in montevideo from the band motosierra who i haven´t met yet. so it´s disctracting me a bit from writing here and i don´t have that much to say anyway.
la recoleta neighborhood in buenos aires is really beautiful. it´s like a part of paris in buenos aires. it´s the most exclusive neighborhood of buenos aires. i wanted to see the cemetary. i felt like i was in pere lachaise. abandonned cats everywhere.  there were thousands of gorgeous old mausoleums. i went to see eva perron. she´s in a coffin with the rest of the family. everywhere you go in downtown buenos aires, you´ll see books, postcards, posters about her and carlos gardel, another famous figure in buenos aires history.  
today is valentine´s day but you wouldn´t know that from going into the shops. there´s very few that have any type of cheesy heart decorations. there´s not a huge consumer culture here. people are happy with their cassette walkman´s. they still sell cassettes and vhs tapes everywhere.
one of the things i don´t like about uruguay (and it´s probably the same in argentina) is that everyone speaks spanish. it´s a melting pot. none of my cousins understand armenian. the chinese, germans, italians all speak spanish. the younger kids aren´t learning the language. it´s no very multi-cultural. they´re no that interested in keeping their own culture. it makes everything boring. i can´t wait to come back to vancouver and have sushi!
on tv in buenos aires they were talking about new hot up and coming musicians and they mentioned this one guy from montevideo that i´ve already seen pictures of here in the record stores. his name is Dani Umpi. i haven´t heard his music yet. here´s his site:


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