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Saturday, February 11, 2006


there´s just as much poverty here as in montevideo. i was taking a picture when i felt someone pulling on my shirt. i got so scared. it was a very young girl. probably no more than 5 years old. her head came up to my waist. i saw so many 5 year olds and younger going into restaurants and asking more money. their faces and clothing so dirty. i took a picture of a young boy. so young. probably 4 playing the accordeon. he looked so sad it almost made me cry. the government doesn´t help you here if you don´t have a job. if you don´t have a job, you´re desperate. even if you get fired from your job, you don´t get any help.
i asked the hotel reception which bus to take to get to la boca and the lady said that it´s better to take a taxi because the bus stops somewhere that isn´t very safe. the subte doesn´t take you everywhere. you have to take a taxi. it´s so cheap here anyway. probably $7 pesos to get there.
the streets are quieter today. with people not working, there aren´t as many cars. some businesses are even closed.
they´re already selling stones tour t-shirts on the street. we were lucky to find a hotel, next week all the hotel rooms are booked because of the the show. they´re playing 3 shows. 21st-23rd. we´re staying in a 4 star hotel. but it´s not fancy enough for my mom. i don´t care as long as i have a comfortable bed and good water pressure and there water pressure is so strong that the water´s going everywhere!  we´re in front of a huge coca-cola sign like the ones in times square. even at night it feels like the afternoon so i shut the curtains and turn on the air conditioner. i woke up sweating this morning.
i´m going back to this great record store that i went to on my first day here called "bonus track". i´m spending most of my money here. i only brought $170 usd but i can get so much for it here. this city is great for tourists but not so great if you live here. it´s hard to make enough to travel anywhere else. so many european and american tourists everywhere. i´ve been hearing lots of german.
i want to write about confiterias and panaderias but that will have to wait until tomorrow.
ani xo


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