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Thursday, April 06, 2006

teatro solis

i went on a guided tour of this beautiful theatre. it was founded in 1856 and it's the biggest theatre in uruguay. they stage operas, ballets, concerts, plays, and musicals. what's so great about it now is that they've made huge improvements to it to make it more modern. a fire almost destroyed it in the 90's. it was closed for 7 years for renovations until they reopened in august 2004. they changed all the seats to add materials that aren't flammable, new emergency exit doors to make it easier to leave if there's a fire, everythig back stage is computerized so that you can change scenes much faster and stores things in a more compact way, the fabric in the ceiling was cleaned up, all the carpets were changed so that it's quieter if someone's late and so much more that i can't think of right now. all the changes are there for a reason and they were really smart things to do. now they're trying to make the theatre more accessible to people with lower incomes. on weekends it's very cheap. i haven't been to a show here but i noticed that all the plays going on while i was there were sold out.

and i just found a great uruguay diary that i added on my blog section. i haven't read too much of it, but it looks like they've gone all over the world and travelled for months. i'm going to spend more time reading it tomorrow and live vicariously through their travels.


Anonymous Denis said...

Wow! What a great pics! I must admit that everytime I visit your blog have some tears in my eyes, 'cause a miss my country so bad, but anyway I keep on doing it :)
Psiglo, the main Uruguayan rock band of the 70s, used to play at Solis Theatre. It has a great acoustic and people can enjoy a very very good sound on there.
Ani, awesome blog. Everything is great!!!

7:35 AM  
Blogger a.k said...

did you see psiglo live there or did you hear about it? you're lucky if you saw them!

3:04 PM  
Anonymous Denis said...

No, I didn't. When Psiglo used to play there I was just 13 y/o, but all sundays watched them on the TV Show Discodromo at Channel 12 of Montevideo.

7:35 AM  

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