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Monday, April 03, 2006

rompan todo (break everything)

denis from the site ururock sent me an email a few days ago that he was going to have a radio show on a uruguayan online radio station based in atlanta, georgia called rompan todo. click on "schedule" for the programming. most of the people are uruguayans and i think the station is only in spanish. his show's called ururock and he plays 60's and 70's uruguayan music. you can hear it on saturdays with a repeat on sunday and monday. if you live in the west coast it's at 4pm on saturday's. i heard the show last weekend and it was great. lots of bands that i've never heard of. here's the tracklisting:

01 Los Mockers - Paint it Black
02 Rubén Rada - Malísimo
03 Kano y Los Bulldogs - Sobre Un Vidrio Mojado
04 Psiglo - Gente Sin Camino
05 Los Moonlights - Cuna De Mi Muerte
06 Cold Coffee - Volando Alto (Flying High)
07 Elegía - Destema
08 Días de Blues - Esto Es Nuestro
09 OVNI 87 - No Tengo Valor
10 Danger Groups - Tu Nombre
11 Los Killers - Superstar
12 Opus Alfa - Calma De Un Día
13 Totem - Orejas
14 Montevideo Blues - Chamarrita El Chiquero

and right after ururock on saturday, i heard the show El Cuarto Oscuro (the dark room) and they played really good music. not uruguayan but it was really good 80's new wave and some not so good metal.


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