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Sunday, April 02, 2006

kamchatka review and whisky screening in vancouver on april 5th!

if you live in vancouver, don't miss the screening of the uruguayan film whisky at the jewish film festival. you can buy tickets here. at first, i couldn't figure out why it was in a jewish film festival, but then i remembered that there's 2 characters in the movie who are jewish. it's worth seeing if you're in town. you'll get to see lots of montevideo and piriapolis.

i went to see the argentinian film kamchatka last weekend. it's playing until april 9th at the vancouver film centre. the movie takes place in 1976, and it's about a family trying to run away from the military dictatorship. they hide in a house by the country and change their names. it's a story about how the family stays together more than it is about the politics. i was expecting and wanted to see something more political. i wanted to find out why they were hiding but they didn't provide much of an explanation. the plot was more focused on their 2 young sons and their perspective of what was occurring. the acting is amazing and if you've seen almodovar's films you might recognize the main actress, cecilia roth. it was nice to hear the spanish spoken there and see some of the argentinian landscape but overall i was disappointed. i was expecting something really great after hearing that it won the audience award for best foreign film at the vancouver film festival and reading all the great reviews on imdb, but i'm more critical than most people when it comes to films.


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