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Sunday, March 19, 2006

el rock nacional

here's the list my cousin hagop gave me of some montevideo bands that i should be listening to. i heard most of them and they all sound the same. mostly rock with some bands adding ska/reggae influences. nothing that i'm interested in but it gives you an idea what the music sounds like.

3 of the members are armenian. they've toured the states, and they seem to be one of the more popular bands along with la trampa, buitres and no te va gustar.

go to downloads

la vela puerca
click on discos to stream their albums.

la trampa
guitar player is armenian.

you can hear 2 songs below the player (buitres and bienvenidos)

no te va gustar
go to musica on the right and press play

click on audio then click on escuchar

other bands, but i can't find their sites:
los traidores
danger 4

they all make motosierra sound really good!


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