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Saturday, February 04, 2006

i´ve made it!

i spent a total of 17 hours sitting down and over 20 hours travelling but i´m here and it´s hot and very humid. the best thing about the flight was seeing the movie walk the line. the flight from chicago to buenos aires is torture! lots of argentinians and uruguayans living in u.s and coming back to visit. you could tell they live in the states because all their kids speak english very well. some have married americans so they come back to visit family. it was raining when i landed in buenos aires and montevideo. the rain stopped a few hours later and the sun is out now. i´m staying accross the street from an internet cafe so there´s a good chance i´ll have daily updates. it´s cheap too. 25 cents for an hour! everything is cheap here but people have been telling me to wait until i get to buenos aires if i want to buy anything. it´s much cheaper there.  i´ve already taken some photos but the only thing that i forgot to bring with me is a usb cable for my camera so i won´t be able to show any of them until i get back.
there´s so much poverty here. lots of thieves everywhere. i´m staying in a neighbourhood called aguada and it´s really close to 18 de julio which is downtown. so we went for a walk on 18 de julio and walked into a bookstore and someone tried to rob me. he asked me for the time and my parents were watching him and he noticed it so he left me alone. he would have probably tried to steal my watch.
tomorrow, there´s a huge flea market in this neighborhood. my parents were there last sunday and apparently the streets are so full that you can hardly walk anywhere. lots of antiques, used books and records, tourists and lots of thieves too. i´m getting really paranoid about bringing my video camera. that´s one thing i won´t miss when i return to vancouver.
next week we´re going to buenos aires for 5 days and staying in a really nice hotel. i can´t wait. good thing it´s only a 20 minute flight.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Wow, the whole 'you got the time?' trick is like the universal precursor to a jumping. I hope you got a money belt!

-Ryan @ work

11:40 AM  
Blogger a.k said...

i don´t have a money belt but i don´t bring my wallet with me anywhere and sometimes i leave my watch at home.

11:56 AM  

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