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Monday, January 30, 2006

los barrios en buenos aires

buenos aires is the 9th biggest city in the world and it's impossible to see everything in a week, so from my research i think these neighborhoods are worth visiting. i've taken some quotes from travellers to b.a from various websites.


"I ended up spending most of my time in Palermo SOHO and Palermo Hollywood because this is a quieter more upscale area(s) of BA. The traffic is lighter (less pollution) and all the buildings are low rise. There are many small independently owned shops, boutiques and restaurants here and the quality of the food here is overall higher than elsewhere in the city. the prices are a bit higher here but still a great deal for foreigners. Next time I visit BA to shop and eat I will stay in Palermo SOHO. "
from alex in toronto

the national library

la boca

"This area is close to the port where many immigrants settled during the last century. The colourful facades along the Caminito street are very picturesque and you can find tango dancers and many restaurants in this area. LA Boca is very touristy and far away from the center, but it is still a great place to visit. We had lunch in a popular family owned restaurant. They were really kind and served us delicious empanadas and bife de chorizo."
by danielF

lots of colourful buildings everywhere

san telmo

i have to check out the flea market on sunday.

"San Telmo is a popular and typical district; at the 19th century it was a district for the richest families of Buenos Aires, and nowadays, ancient houses, restaurants and tango music give this place a very particular atmosphere. On Sunday mornings, there is a flea market at Plaza Dorrego, where you can find all kind of antiques and handicrafts, and a lot of peculiar characters"
from andal13


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