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Tuesday, January 24, 2006

pictures of uruguay

i did a search on flickr for some photos of uruguay and found these photos. some of those pictures are taken on "avenida 18 de julio". it means 18th of july and that's independance day in uruguay. 18 de julio is the main shopping street in downtown montevideo. i've taken lots of photos there and probably will take some more.

i also found these photos. scroll down the page and you'll see a picture titled architexture02 that was taken in punta de leste. on my last trip we went to punta de leste. it's an expensive resort town in uruguay outside of montevideo. mostly filled with argentinian tourists in the summer. it's really overrated. it's just like whistler but with a nice beach. not much character. lots of expensive restaurants, designer boutiques and bars. on the next page there's a few pictures of piriapolis which is where we're going to stay in a rented house for 2 weeks. i've stayed there before. it's nice little town with a beach.


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