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Thursday, January 19, 2006

25 watts

it's not very often that you see a movie made in uruguay and showing at a film festival, so when i saw 25 watts a few years ago screening at the vancouver film festival, i got so excited and went to see it. films get made in uruguay but they usually don't get seen by an international audience. i haven't seen too many uruguayan films but i've heard they just try to copy hollywood films. i was surprised at how much i loved 25 watts. especially seeing the different neighbourhoods and hearing the way people speak spanish there. and i actually laughed! very few movies make me laugh. even funny ones. and i just found out that 25 watts and whiskey are playing at the cinemateca uruguaya the week that i arrive!

directors Juan Pablo Rebella and Pablo Stoll are part of a new wave of uruguayan cinema.

plot description

"Three teenage guys try to figure out what they're supposed to be doing with their lives in this drama from Uruguay that puts the emphasis on character over narrative. Javi has landed a job driving a sound truck that plays the same radio spot for pasta all day long, while his buddy Leche, who is supposed to be studying for his exams, instead finds himself having sexual fantasies about his tutor, and Seba is waylaid by a handful of small-time dope dealers when all he wants to do is go home and watch the porno movie he's just rented. 25 Watts' depiction of misfit teens helped it earn the Youth Jury Prize at the 2001 Rotterdam Film Festival." Mark Deming, All Movie Guide

i was interested in seeing this movie again and saw it for sale on amazon for a lot of money. i'm sure you can find it at the specialized video stores or maybe the foreign section of blockbuster or rogers?

last year my parents went to see their new movie whiskey at the montreal world film festival and they said it was amazing. i still haven't seen it. whiskey made in on film threat's 10 best unseen films of 2005

"From Uruguay comes this deceptively simple but endlessly wise comedy from the filmmaking team Juan Pablo Rebella and Pablo Stoll. A none-too-successful sock factory owner gets his loyal secretary to pretend she is his wife in a masquerade to impress his estranged brother, a prosperous businessman living in Brazil. What might have been a silly farce instead becomes an amazingly original meditation on dashed expectations, wobbly perceptions, and the inability to communicate with those closest to us. The film is a symphony of small gestures, throwaway glances, brief exchanges of unexpected observation and silences which actually say more than pages of dialogue, and Mirella Pascual’s richly enigmatic performance as the secretary is an extraordinary work of art." phil hall


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