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Monday, January 16, 2006

some uruguayan bands to check out

here's a little bit of history on the emergence of uruguayan rock. and a descriptionof uruguayan groups from the 60's and 70's. maybe i'll find a record by los mockers while i'm there! read the book magic land, a guide to beat, psych and prog rock music from 66-67 in argentina and uruguay for more in depth info.

current bands from montevideo

hablando por la espalda (talking behind your back) rock

los culpables (the guilty) punk/hardcore

halo hardcore

la teja pride hip hop. la teja is the neighbourhood in montevideo that i grew up in.

los nostardamos (will be late) rock/garage/blues

motosierra (chainsaw) punk/hardcore. go to the press section and read their interview. according to the website they're "south america's first and only international punk rock band with records worldwide."

columbia rock/pop

rudos wild trip psychobilly/punk

el umbral (threshold) pop punk/rock

boomerang rock/garage/pop

and my favourite of all these bands is santa cruz rock

and for something completely different: glazzneuf synth-pop


Anonymous Shaggy said...

la teja pride are fabolous!!!

2:22 PM  

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