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Tuesday, August 15, 2006

60's-70's Uruguayan music on CITR

Here's the track listing for today's show.

1- Los Encadenados - Es Dificil Callar
2- Los Shakers - Brak it all
3- Los Mockers - Let me try again
4- Los Delfines - 2 blind mice
5- Kano y los bulldogs - Sobre un vidrio mojado
6- OVNI 87 - Sueno un camino
7- Los Campos - Mi reino bajo el sol
8- Opus Alfa - Calma de un dia
9- Dias de blues - Vuela
10-Totem - Orejas
11-Psiglo - Es Inutil
12-Las Hojas - Your mother really doesn't appreciate too much our friendship but I don't mind
(something happened and track 13 didn't make it on the show) so now i'm making it available to download.
13-Genesis - En la ventana de un bar
14-Elegia - Destema

Books on 60's-70's Uruguayan rock: De la cuevas al solis by Fernando Peláez Bruno

The Magic Land A guide to Beat, Psychedelic and Progressive Rock music between 1966 & 1977 in Argentina and Uruguay.

Uruguayan Rock sites:
Progresiva 70's
Uruguayan Rock on Wikipedia

On YouTube:
Los Mockers
Paint it Black
All the time
What a life
Don't go away
Oh Baby (We Got a Good Thing Goin')
Break it all

Urbano Moraes
Interview on TV Ciudad, Montevideo Talking about the 60s and 70s rock in Uruguay and his career playing with The Knacks, El Kinto, Rubén Rada and Eduardo Mateo and your solo albums.

If you live in Uruguay and are in a band or play music on your own, send me an email: iheartani at
I'm working on a radio show of new Uruguayan music.


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