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Tuesday, July 04, 2006

art and feminism in uruguay

an article i found in an old issue of flash art. nov/dec. 1993

by ana tiscornia

"although we have known for some time that women had little to do with the contemporary formulation of the idea of art, it should be noted that feminist theory still has not defined its own terms on the subject. the parameters identifying relevance in an artistic construction continue to be those hegemonically established by men, although some attempts have been made by feminists to compensate for the unilateral view.

in this context, an exhibition of women artists at the galeria del notoriado in montevideo, organized by cotidiano mujer magazine, should be highlighted. the curatorial criterion may seem unrelated to art, since it presented work by the artist positions but rather the fact of belonging to the same non governmental institution. one of the pluses of the unusual selection though, was the simultaneous presentation of works by experienced and new artists.

with the installations by nelbia romero, incresasingly emphatic of a conceptual direction, the photographs by diana mines, a pioneer of artistic experiments with the camera, lucy duarte's paintings, which remain loyal to her own neo-expressionism, the journalistic photographs recontextualized by nancy urrutia, and the innovative works by younger artists, a wide spectrum of ideas emerged. tihs unique, inexpensive exhibition proved wrong the director of montevideo's museo de artes visuales, who told a foreign critic 2 years ago, "there are no important women artists in uruguay."

other 1993 events confirming the fallacy of the official, male position on the subject of women artists in uruguay, includes the success of the uruguayan representative at the venice biennale,, agueda dicancro, whose work was celebrated by the press. (dicancro had represented uruguay at the sao paulo biennial a few years earlier with similar success). also, the painter claudia anselmi has been selected by japan as the only uruguayan to participate in osala's painting triennal."


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